Premature Forecast

Whilst sitting at home, alone, pondering the many xmas presents I have yet to wrap for extended family members and friends, I began twiddling the knobs on my old-school manual tuning radio set. In an explorational effort to locate an obscure, distant signal, broadcasting rare arabic jazz sounds I came across a very weak lone voice. No backing track, not a sound other than a lone male voice. At first I was spooked. The voice repeated thrice "are you there, I know you can hear me". so I listened on. "It is important that you know, this one simple thing" said the voice, over a subtley crackling transmission "you must use all the powers and channels available to you to spread this one important message" the voice went on, "the hot colour for Spring/Summer'09 is Yellow!" and with that a loud fizzle crackin pop broke the signal and left me with just an echo of that message 'Yellow is gonna be HOT'. I reckon this guy heard the same message. Here's to the future...CHEERS!


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