"They must be on Coke!"

This was a bonafide WTF moment. Allow me to set the scene. Sunday afternoon, about 30 degrees, sun blazing. I'm chilling in the shade. The venue is a small local Bratislavan cafe serving the best in Slovak cuisine and ice cold pints of beer at €1.50. Perfect. I'm in heaven. Then I spot three chicks in afro wigs. I think "What the F@*k?". As I said, it was about 30 degrees, why would you do that to yourself. I dismiss thinking it must be a Hen-do (You know, pre-wedding blow-out for the bride-to-be and her female entourage). I turn for a sip of the chilled brew that Mr. Waiter has just delivered, then I take a second look. "WHAT THE F*@K!!". These girls are wearing Coca-Cola branded tracksuit tops with graphic references to football (World Cup 2010) and are handing out mini cans of chilled Coke to the perspiring towns people. OK, smart and rather strategically placed distribution, but what's with the friggin' afro-wigs?! Is there some local cultural reference being made here or am I right to be shocked by what I assume is a bad taste, inappropriate choice in cultural reference to South Africa and the aesthetic make up of a portion of it's people? Really? At this day in age?! Anyone have a direct line to Coke? Might have to blow the whistle on this sh*t.

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A Man in Pink and Purple

Now, what are the odds on such a snap? Firstly, the sighting of such a splendidly colourful character such as this? It's pretty rare. Secondly, to be standing in one of Austria's most celebrated galleries starring at a painting of pinks and purples when such a conveniently coordinated character walks in? C'mon! This is a one off if ever there where one. Keep lighting up people's lives Sir. You sure did mine for those few moments.

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Il Padrino - The Man from Noto

Welcome to Sicily, home of The Godfather. Sitting calmly in the spring sun perusing the weeks news, this gent is upholding the status of Italian man-style all by himself. Just this single example alone is enough to cast a shadow on any contending corner of the man-style globe. Noto has it - SOLID.

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Spot the Oddity

Positive or Negative??

I can't quite get my head round this. Is the fact that you openly endorse your affiliation with one of the worlds leading creative education establishments as a mere lifestyle choice and not one of educational aspiration a good thing or a bad thing? Could it be that this is actually a snub to Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design by other creative educational faculties? I don't get it. But if your decision to engage with Higher Education is based on a lifestyle choice, over the potential accreditations you might achieve, then something fundamental must be screwed. Maybe thats one of the reasons why a university education is dwindling in value amongst youngsters today.

Rock tha Spock

File under EMO?? Maybe. But who cares, this is a ridiculously great effort at crafting a stand-out look for oneself. In a sea of heads only one shone through, and it happened to be Leonard Nimoy's, Star Trek era, Maltese doppelganger. Good effort. We salute you (V-hand sign raised!).

The Student Sound of Now

Dubstep is massive. It's a global phenomenon. Although it's roots are traceable to Croydon on the Southerly most outskirts of London it's growth as the 'biggest' sound in underground dance music has been mirrored in every corner of the world.
In the UK evidence indicates that the sound has rapidly been adopted by the student masses. In it's rawest form it seems unlikely that it will ever feature in the Top 40 chart (Benga & Coki's 'Night', probably one of the biggest tracks from the scene to date, did reach #98 in the UK chart) but it's popularity on campuses cannot be denied. They even have the T-shirts to endorse it.

Harry Brownies

If you've been lucky enough to see the latest offering from the one and only Michael Caine then you will know exactly what I'm getting at when I say 'Harry Brownies'. This is a shot I grabbed earlier in the year whilst on a tour of duty in Liverpool and it delivers that stereotypical hoodie look that the media loves to hate. It's this look that gets a super showcase in the Harry Brown movie, accompanied by the typical negative connotations that it has been nurtured to represent. Check the clip to see UK music artist Plan B deliver a sterling performance as a 'Hoodie', then check his soundtrack efforts with a video that delivers a little more of that Hoodie stereotype action.


Quick Drop: Berlin

The bicycle clip look as seen on the boys from Berlin.

Quick Drop: Lovely London Fields

Quick Drop: Paris Fixed Gear Biker

Quick Drop: Barcelona

Quick Drop: Only in Liverpool

Quick Drop: Wood Green

Without knowing it this guy has the Uniqlo window look down to a 'T'.

Quick Drop: Nice!


Get Shirty

Did you hear the one about the three Japanese dudes with grafitti on their shirts? No, nor did I. It was probably a crap joke anyway.

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Tracky B's and braces is a potentially big look. Check it. I can see it now - ankle swinger sweatpants with absolute zero elastic in the waistband, loose like a clowns trousers, super airy for the summer months and suspended with suspenders, the manly type of course... spot on Derek!

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Quick Drop: Paris 2

Quick Drop: Bristol

Quick Drop: Paris



What a little dude! A Parisian one at that. Hangin on the corner with his homies, by far the youngest in the bunch, but rockin the look. Impressive.

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Brighton Boys

"Look! up there! It's Ty Page". No it isn't. You're just saying that to distract me from my focus on documenting yet another fine example of the Twinning thing that you seem to be executing oh so well. For me it is your dual endorsement of the slimline 70s skateboard that takes your particular take on Twinning to the next level. Two trends in one... BLAM BLAM. Twinning and Ty Page. Look out for these in 2009.

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Twin Set

Two prime first hand yet polar opposite examples of the Twinning code of attire. One clearly mutually appreciated. The other case seems to stem from a dictatorial background. Firstly, why do dads do that? Or are mothers to blame? This is just wrong and ridiculously effortsome. I mean, where oh where do they sell the same garments in everysize from toddler to extra sizeable male? I have yet to encounter such a store. Besides, it's cute for about a nano-second, then you're left with this feeling, like, "poor bastard. How long will that carry-on?".

The second example is likely to become increasingly present on streets around the globe as we see teens giving in to the fact that it is ever so hard to distinguish oneself and actually, realising that, looking identical is a much more impactful feat worthy of a double-take count many times greater than that of any BAPE all-over print hoodie. Rather than risk the embarrassment of turning up to group night out where two of your buds happen to have gotten the same American Apparel hoodie for xmas and appear to be wearing it with pride, why not go the whole hog and orchestrate the impact. I like that "Orchestrate the impact". Anyway, there you have it; Twinning.

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Highbury & Islington Crew

I caught up with these guys on a grey rainy day in Finsbury Park. It was the hats that did it for me. "Army surplus, like 4 quid. It's freash" one replied when i asked where they got their matching headwear. Certainly makes a change to the New Era standard issue. We had a brief chat whilst waiting for the bus, exchanging tips on music to check, they told me to go see Joe Black. "He's Highbury mans. Hot, hot, hot" they said. It'd be rude not to share the tip-off... myspace.com/joeblackuk

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Mind your T's & P's

The right man for the job. Nuff said.

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"To the batmobile. Let's go!"

How to look scary in broad daylight; get yourself some body armour. Although designed for the motor biker, this sh#t puts you on a par with Batman, bringing a superhero aesthetic to any mortal human silhouette.

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