Highbury & Islington Crew

I caught up with these guys on a grey rainy day in Finsbury Park. It was the hats that did it for me. "Army surplus, like 4 quid. It's freash" one replied when i asked where they got their matching headwear. Certainly makes a change to the New Era standard issue. We had a brief chat whilst waiting for the bus, exchanging tips on music to check, they told me to go see Joe Black. "He's Highbury mans. Hot, hot, hot" they said. It'd be rude not to share the tip-off... myspace.com/joeblackuk

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Blogger Incredible Flying Car said...

Loving those hats, great spot. Now I'm off to rendezvous with Joe Black

6:07 PM  
Blogger kech_kicks said...

My Ends...ya dun know!!!...lol

12:57 AM  

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