Self Professed 'Biker Style' in Manor House

Yep, this guy was receptive to questioning and when it came down to the crunch he let me in on the secret to his style "I'm dressing like a biker, without actually being a biker, you get me?"
"that's why I'm wearing this kinda jacket, with the collars and stuff, and the gloves is the same thing, it's how the bikers roll innit!". But the best came when asked if there is a garment/product that he specifically would like to get his hands on that isn't out there at the moment, "Yeah, I want a white fur hooded coat, like, one with a zip you know". "People would know not to f&$k with me... because if a guy can afford one of those then you know he must be into some bad shit innit?" Funnily enough, when asked why he favoured black as a colour to adorn he replied "because mans my age like to blend in, low key, you get me? not attract too much attention. Wearing bright colours you are more likely to get trouble innit?"
Begs the question, why would you want a white fur coat then???


Blogger mediawasp said...

Truely insightful.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you MediaWasp. I guess that's what you get when you dig deep and ask the right questions!
The Sniper

4:49 PM  

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