Ralph from The Muppets

No longer happy to settle for Superman New Eras or the very shady Warner Bros cartoon icon hoodies, the new 'mans on road' look is a deconstructed minimalist take on a long standing family entertainment icon: Ralph The Dog AKA the piano playing hooch from The Muppets. It's all about the flappy ears, it brings a misleading soft edge to an otherwise sinister satorial selection. But the hat alone isn't enough as a tool of identity concealment, oh no, you still need the hood. That tried and tested, socially contested head covering gets primary head priority, followed by the new urban crown, the Ralph hat. Talking of crowns, I reckon this guy is actually taking his queue from Richard The Lionheart, who often donned his crown, the finishing touch to a full body of armour, over a hood of chainmail. So, there you have it, this is after all a soldiers look rocked by a muppet.

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