James 'Bratwurst' Bond

Yeah, back at'cha from Berlin. Sweet and soulful for zero seven, that's what I say, sweet and soulful.

If you havn't been to Berlin, then go, and if you keep your eye's open it's quite likely you'll see some interesting subject matter. For example, take this rather exotically colourful chap. I caught him out of the corner of my eye and immediately span into a daydream like state depicting the subject as an incognito super spy, a la James Bond. I imagined that this guy is hanging in the centre of touristic Berlin, kitted out with high tech equipment, spying on bad boy Russian Mafioso. Strapped to him is the kind of prototype rocket pack that only 'M' and team could design and build, and in that dramatic moment of cover blown danger, James, or in this case Jurgen, would ditch his bratwurst, reach for his Walther PPK, fire off a few rounds before letting rip with the awe inspiring power of rocket fuel, propelling himself up, up and to safety well beyond reach of said villains. At that point I came to and took this picture.


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