Boy Wonder

In some weird and slightly concerning way, this rather spiffing looker reminds me of the one and only Robin, of 'Boy Wonder' fame. With the similar effect of a lesser agressive lash of limb at lightning speed, he sent a bitchslap-like 'Ker-POW!' to my eyes. At first sight I submitted to a double take, checking my visual clarity, with a rub and a scratch I ditched the sandyman residues from the night before, ensuring they not impair my judgement. Proceeding with the approach I found a curiously lit patch. A corner of the museum in which the encounter occured. Then, as if possessed, the waif like super geek let rip with a barrage of poses - WHAP! SMAAASH! BOOM! KLAAK! Yeah, I snapped. I snapped HARD. Snipe! snipe! snipe! snipe! Yeah, I jolly well gave as good as I got, and, to you, this is what you get! BLAM!

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yeah, it's good.

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