Bureau De Change

Ahhh, don't you just love it?! That's the great thing about travelling overseas when the UK Pound Sterling is so strong, you get so much more for your moolah. Here's a tasty "2 for the price of 1" SniperFeast in surburban Paris. Bargain, wouldn't you say? And, funnily enough, it would seem to coincide with the fact that many are talking 'extremes' at the moment. Nobody is interested in 'middle of the road'. 'Average' is such a dirty word, and 'regular' frowned upon as being equally vulgar in the context of garment fit and sizing. Let's face facts, if it ain't super skinny, they ain't interested.... unless of course you are talking 'baggy' on an MC Hammer "U can't touch this" level of baggy, in which case, errr Yeah! Bring it on!
How much further away from the testicular constriction of Russel Brand's 'Lady' denims could you possibly get? The guy on the left disguises the fact his jeans keep dropping to his knees by wearing the biggest singular piece of garment cotton known to man, in the form of a pink t-shirt/tent. Oh, and check out that balancing baseball cap angle. Pythagoras would be proud!

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