The Dreaded Casual

Breaking all preconceived ideas as to ‘what is what'...
This might not appear to be an outlandishly styled look, but what grabbed my attention was the striking combination of ‘man’ and ‘look’. I love it. It’s defiant of all expectations.

If I said to you “dark denims with 1.5 inch turn ups teamed with Tan Trickers and a Harrington” what would you think? What would the wearer look like?
If I said to you “6ft Black male, athletic build with a full bodied head of dread like braids” what then would you think?

Take the man outta the clothes and the clothes off the man and think about where you’d expect to see each of the individual elements sit most comfortably in this cold world of face value judgement and assumptive conclusions. I'd happily place a bet that you wouldn't team these two.

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