Quick Drop: Bus Bwoy Slaughtered My Daughter

"Numba one in 'a da 'Bus Bwoy' Chart"
High Tops 'N' Skinnys. I love the way this harks back to 80's Metal bands. I got a feeling in my spleen that retro Bruce Dickinson et al will be responsible for a whole lot more influencing of style in the months to come. Watch 'dis!

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Anonymous QueenMichelle said...

Nice blog! And yes, I see a fair bit if Brucey creepin' into the kids' style these days (Run For The Hills - a classic!). Takes me back to my own heavy metal daze back in the 80's.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey QueenMichelle...
thanks for your comment, shame I couldnt directly message you back, looked you up but theres a few queenmichelles out there!! Anyway... nicely done

1:14 PM  
Anonymous QueenMichelle said...

What!? You mean there is more than one Queen Michelle!!! Oh the horror! For future reference this (the TRUE Queen) can be contacted via kingdomofstyle@hotmail.co.uk

I must rest on my throne now, and plan the downfall of all other Queen Michelles...

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Why not start with the one in Massachusettes?? She big the biggest threat to the title of REAL Queen Michelle!!

nice one!!


4:42 PM  

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