This Guy Is Da Shit!

No really, he is.
How many times have I told you, before you pull the toilet chain, be sure to give a subtle yank, just a tester style, to ensure that it is secure enough to withhold when you let rip with your super turd busting toggle tug. You don't wanna end up doing what this guy did. He pulled so hard that he literally whipped his turd with the chain, the chain got stuck down in the pan so he tugged again, hard, and with the force of his backswing he ended up swinging that shit round his head like a human Swing Ball before he got all dizzy and tangled it around his neck. Strange how it kept shape though, the poo that is, cos when I tried it... errrr

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Blogger Queen Michelle said...

Please tell that's not what that's ACTUALLY meant to look like??
I feel a bit not well now and it's lunch too...

11:58 AM  

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