Shout to my Wood Green massive, aight!

At first glance, most would say these kids are 'indie'. Some might even take a pop shot at 'Emo', or even 'screamo', but whatever you try and tag this claw handed bunch as, a simple truth remains: it's white kids, into alternative music, into expressing their tastes through style. The funny little twist is, when you take a second to look closely you'll realise that you don't require the assisstance of CSi forensics to identify those unknown, misleading fingerprints. The dirty paws of the 'urban' scene have a lot to answer for here. 'Urban' fingerprints everywhere. The hood up, the New Era, the Phat Farm kicks and my fave of fave's, the super mini back pack.
"mini me!"


Anonymous Mindy said...

Well said.

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