The Smallest Head In The World

Proportionately speaking of course!
This guys head was so tinchy. His taste in T-shirts of such a serious magnitude and denims to match didn't help matters either. It only made the issue that little more pronounced. Poor fella. Then again, if he'd squeezed his lengthy limbs into a pair of Cheap Mondays, teamed it with a baby-grow style, tummy skimming 'T'...ooooh well, we'd probably be referencing the "HI, we're from outta space, thanks for letting us stop by and borrow your kind" scene from Steven Spielbergs Close Encounters of a Third Kind. Once again, poor fella. But hey, he's a happy smiling chappy and the world could do with more his 'kind'. Maybe a little shorter. Maybe in smaller t-shirts??! What the hell, straight up replicas will do.

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Blogger Lucia said...

not a fan of him

what did you say today about tata_naka?

havent got time to finish the conversition:)

10:37 PM  
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