Snoozy Dude on the Tube

These here images portray the trueset essence of what Style Sniping should be. Undercover espionage targetting the unsuspecting. It helped that this dude kept dozing off, and as a result how could I possibly resist but to snap happily away, trying a multitude of angles. Check the Driza-bone style overcoat. The kinda bushman style, adorned by the modern day cattle herding cowboys in OZ. In fact, the look as a whole wisps of cowboy come pirate. Adding the 'future tech' looking headphones and dark tan leather gloves, I find myself drawn helplessly toward referencing the arch enemy and head honcho villian in Bravestar, Tex Hex. Minus the skeletal features!!


Anonymous Russpornstar said...

The snoozy dude on the tube is my old flat mate! That is the perfect picture of him. I laughed my ass off when i saw this. The best game Ive found is to play bucking bronco. All you need is: one sleepy flat mate (that happens alot), tube litter and a steady hand. You can probably guess how you play. Take rubbish from the tub, like McShake cups, strange photos you've ripped out the metro, and anything else you can find on the long journey to Cockend. Take it turns to place it on him until he is head to toe in rubbish. If your lucky hes had a pint and stays asleep until you get the end of the line. Then you all get off the tube and stand outside the window on the platform and bang the window as hard as you can, shouting 'YOUR GUNA MISS YOUR STOP'. Watch as a half asleep 'Tex Hex' leaps to him feet, sending shit everywhere, only to find he's at the end of the line with a bunch of cunts laughing at him!

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