"...how one should dress!" is what he said

Michael Siegal, Judge. Photographed March 2007. Nuff said really.

But for those who like a little more to chew on...

The photo was taken inside Holborn London Undergroound Station. I've never seen such traditional 'old school' style in the flesh. I've recently seen Monty Pythons 'The meaning of life'.... you know the sketch featuring a sailing building of British Traditionalist banking types on their way to invade the new school yankee bank types?? pretty funny but I thought it must have been over exaggerated, but then there he was, my guy, still conforming to the dresscode nearly 30 years on from the movie being made. We engaged a short and concise conversation regarding my interest in his attire, he expressed his distaste for modern day style and satorial tendencies, then we parted company on a rather surreal note, only to meet again at the top of the escalator where the chap this time approached me, explaining that he thought it only right that I know what he did... he then proceeded to enlighten me to the fact that he is, guess what??.... a judge.

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Daniel Da Voice

Stopped this guy for his soundly selected headwear. Love it. In conversation I discovered that not only is he a 'Don with a Hat on', but he is also the sweet vocal talent featured on the Mark Ronson cover of Morrisey's 'Stop me (if you think you've heard this one before)'. Always loved the original and now loving the cover. Daniel Merriweather, I bow my hat to your hat. How's that?!

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Big Shoes, No Bum

Playing with proportions. Fashion seems to do this quite a lot really, sometimes it works in a surreal kinda way, other times it doesn't. Let's have a look at this guy. He's tall, incredibly thin, absolutely no sign of ass anywhere, but then again he doesn't really need one- with jeans that tight they're never falling down are they. In a way, you'd think that he would've maybe tried to underplay the emphasis on his 'lank' structure by not choosing THE chunkiest kicks on the market to complement his skinnys. I know high tops are 'the shit' right now, but there are other, less punctuated silhouettes out there that he could have gone for, dunks being the obvious less offensive option. Ahh, what do I care?? I just feel sorry for all the flack he's bound to catch.

It actually brings to mind a rather distasteful joke I once overheard about a famine stricken fella wearing Doctor Martens... The punchline was something to do with the poor chap being mistaken for a golfing implement. Sad.

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