Whole lotta sock!

A little while back I mentioned the evident resurgence of the 'pin-roll' technique of styling one's slacks. I'm still seeing it and it seems more of a sneakerhead thing; a styling tool to accentuate the aesthetic of those prized vintage Mowabs, or maybe they are the re-pros, who cares, they're sweet, and your proud of them! However, something else seems to have popped up on the radar. Too lazy to bother with the technicalities of perfecting the pin-roll, or failing to source the knowledge of how-to, the sock-tuck has surfaced as a stronger contender as the more readily adoptable hem styling option amongst the yoof. This could be the secondwind of nordic invasions. It seems to have gathered most strength amongst Scandiweigens (and Sunday League goalkeepers)who are deploying it under the guise of city break touristic teen groups. All eyes on Oxford Street for the rise of the sock line!

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Under the influence

Whenever I find myself in a drunk and disorderly state at midday I tend to head for the sofa. Failing that I'll opt for the suitably serene public offering of a park bench. Never, I say never, would I chance propping up a lamp post in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. "Wibbly on feet spells likely defeat". Thats what my old man always said, and thats what I stand by, particularly in the case of an inebriated human versus a flurry of petrol powered mechanoids. You can't dodge cars when you're pissed dude. Especially when you're drowning in an abundance of tech fabric. It may well wick away the blood sweat and tears but it won't fend off the breaks. Smash, bang, wallop... ouch!