Hey little Carnival lady

Speaks for it's self really. This little lady was propping up the railings at this years Notting Hill Carnival. Just one of many shots that represent the true identity of what carnival is to the youth... flossing time! The modern day equivalent to the 'sunday best' comes out of the wardrobe, as all the hyper yoots strive for attention.

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Yeah, winter's around the corner and if you were smart like this old chap then you'd be hotstepping your way back to the late 80's for one of these slalom slick classic jackets. I had one, in pink I'll have you know. Pink with electric blue to be exact. But, one day I got shat on by a bird. It left such a putrid berry laced turd stain on my lapel that it basically rendered my ski-daddle unwearable. Sad but true. A ten year old with a turd stain just can't cut it in an inner city state school. Hmmm... takes me back.

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Girls on film

I've been waiting to post this up. Loved it as soon as I saw it. What a look. Creeping through the aisles of the local H&M I spotted these two coordinated cuties. Look closely at the styling. Yeah, they are wearing jeans under their tracksuit bottoms. "Why?" you ask. Well, from the "ah-hem" horses mouth - "The bottoms are too small to wear low you know, so we wear our jeans underneath so that we can pull'em down without properly exposing ourselves". I remarked on the genius of their double layering technique, to which one of the girls replied "Nah, it's triple, three layers innit, look... underwear as well" proceeding to flash her flower patterned 'Tuesday' briefs. Nice.

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