What's The Friggin' Deal?

I'm having trouble loading photoshop edited images into my myspace profile. I've toyed and toyed with sizing and pixel aspects etc. but still no joy. Don't understand. Bloody irritating aswell! Any tips from anyone out there? I might just sack it off!! Poxy piece of unhelpful shiz!


Quick Drop: Style Sniper Protege

Heavy contention for the new myspace profile pic!

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Quick Drop: Footlockin' n Bodypoppin

Smashments! That's all that could possibly be said about this young fella. He had some sick sounding micro speakers plugged into his MP3 enabled phone, strung round his neck, channeled over the shoulders and carefully positioned in the hood of his choice windbreaking outerwear. Public broadcast on the next level. At least it was actually audible for a change.

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Quick Drop: Thompson's Twin?

I just can't make up my mind. Is this, or is this not, the bird from Thompson Twins? There's just no putting my finger on it. Or, could it be that this fruity chap is actually a modern day look-a-like of a young Simply Red? Further still into the vaults of retro pop, am I picking up a subtle hint of another 80's popper? Spider senses says 'yes', and therefore beg's the question "Did you really mean to hurt me?" ;-)

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Quick Drop: Bus Bwoy Slaughtered My Daughter

"Numba one in 'a da 'Bus Bwoy' Chart"
High Tops 'N' Skinnys. I love the way this harks back to 80's Metal bands. I got a feeling in my spleen that retro Bruce Dickinson et al will be responsible for a whole lot more influencing of style in the months to come. Watch 'dis!

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Quick Drop Uno: F@*k Nu Rave

The obvious choice of tagline here being New Rave, but sod that! It's almost an insult. These guys are just a super cute, style hyper couple, simple.

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For want of a more original phrase, I 've decided that in order to meet the demands of the Sniper feasting masses I shall engage the concept of 'Quick Drops'. Basically, I'm gonna make the most of my back log of pix by dropping a couple a week without the regular 'caption copy' blurbs that normally go with. I hope this doesnt dissapoint, it's just that in these high pressured times of a multi-jobbing lifestyle it is indeed difficult to find sufficient amount of consecutive moments a day in order to execute a well written accompaniment. There should still be a least one 'proper' snipe a week, bolstered by the new 'quick drop' entries of very minimal literary content. Hopefully the thirst for more updates will be no longer. Quenched? Or still slightly parched?

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Boy Wonder

In some weird and slightly concerning way, this rather spiffing looker reminds me of the one and only Robin, of 'Boy Wonder' fame. With the similar effect of a lesser agressive lash of limb at lightning speed, he sent a bitchslap-like 'Ker-POW!' to my eyes. At first sight I submitted to a double take, checking my visual clarity, with a rub and a scratch I ditched the sandyman residues from the night before, ensuring they not impair my judgement. Proceeding with the approach I found a curiously lit patch. A corner of the museum in which the encounter occured. Then, as if possessed, the waif like super geek let rip with a barrage of poses - WHAP! SMAAASH! BOOM! KLAAK! Yeah, I snapped. I snapped HARD. Snipe! snipe! snipe! snipe! Yeah, I jolly well gave as good as I got, and, to you, this is what you get! BLAM!

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Need I say much on this? Thought as much.
This guy pretty much sums up the shift towards the chav inspired, hoodie clad 'indie disco dancin diva' come 'skins' wannabe that so widly spreads their weight amongst the 'scenester' scene kids in London. You'll most probably find examples of a similar calibre dancing to 'electro' or 'grime' in the safe, all whitey dives of 'East'. Spafe. Yes, SPAFE!

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Second Coming Of The Classics

This is what I've been talking about for ages. You take something away from people for long enough, and before you know it, they forget they even had any preconceived ideas of what that something was about. They start to wonder why it ever went away in the first place. In wondering why, they decide that it would be cool to 'bring it back'. Maybe said wonderer is actually too young to have been exposed to the potentially negative stereotypings previously affiliated with the aformentioned 'something'. Maybe said wonderer was 'there the first time round' and loves the idea of having their former fave 'thing' back. Reclaiming it and proudly donning it, said wonderer feels confident that all the hot air trailing the last time has blown over. It's like a re-birth. The second coming. Easter all over again. Who know's how the story will pan out this time?? I mean, who would have thought that it would be the indie boys picking up where the chavs left off??
they will go looking for it, rediscovering minus the preconceptions and negative perceptions so heavily attached to it

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