Mentholyptus Puffa Jacket

Back with a BOOM! It's been a little over 'a little while' but here's a little something to nibble on.
Contrasting proportions: SWEET. Electric Blue: SWEET. Vivienne Westwood Kicks: NUTRASWEET. This jacket reminds me of a particular taunt that I suffered at school. My Granny lovingly took me out shopping one year to buy a jacket for my birthday (or was it Christmas, I don't quite recall). so, on the budget of an old age pensioner we headed to Mr Byrite, the only store that would cater for our level of affordability at that time. Being 12 years old and having already adopted an eye for 'a look' I was keen to get in on the Puffa Jacket movement that semed to be emerging among the older kids at school. Long story short, I ended up with a 'flat' not so puffy PUFFA jacket of the 'non branded' variety. The type which, so unfortunately, resembled the one worn by the asian proprietor of the grotty little pennysweet shop outside school. His was blatantly a freebie from his suppliers which made things worse. His bore the trademarked logo of Halls, the manufacturer of mentholyptus throat sweets. Mine did not. Yet, it was instantly tagged 'The Mentholyptus Puffa'. Thanks guys. Never forget you.

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