Highbury & Islington Crew

I caught up with these guys on a grey rainy day in Finsbury Park. It was the hats that did it for me. "Army surplus, like 4 quid. It's freash" one replied when i asked where they got their matching headwear. Certainly makes a change to the New Era standard issue. We had a brief chat whilst waiting for the bus, exchanging tips on music to check, they told me to go see Joe Black. "He's Highbury mans. Hot, hot, hot" they said. It'd be rude not to share the tip-off... myspace.com/joeblackuk

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Mind your T's & P's

The right man for the job. Nuff said.

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"To the batmobile. Let's go!"

How to look scary in broad daylight; get yourself some body armour. Although designed for the motor biker, this sh#t puts you on a par with Batman, bringing a superhero aesthetic to any mortal human silhouette.

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The Two Shoe Drop

For those that don't know it was this technique of tying one's chucks that inspired the double tongue All Stars. It's an old shot but a goodie and sits well with it's neighbour; the Shell Toes. These were the most Boxfresh kicks I'd seen in a while. Actually, there's been a resurgence, probably owing to their availability in stores, of the classic White Reebok Work-out Low of late, particularly amongst the more clean cut of urban youth. I've been seeing them around, particularly on these freaky warm October weekends that drove people to don shorts in winter, when the presence of sun lent itself to the crispy clean glean of fresh leather. But the Reeboks I've seen had nothing on these. Still fully tagged as if they were on the shelf, this is boxfresh on parade, the proper way.

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Miss Match

A simple lesson in the subtle art of 'same-same but different'

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