"...like we're bringing '88 back!"

At 9 years old the smallest of my school friends was crowned king of school yard cool. He wasn't the biggest, wasn't the strongest and didn't even play football let alone have the sweetest foot, but, he did have one of these atheletic suits. Being by far the most spoilt brat of the brats I went to school with, the kid in question saw turning nine as his bargaining tool to get in on the polyester phenomenon. Gosh, how he gloated! He really did. I was the first to witness the wearing of the suit and boy, it was some parade. All the way to the local cinema in fact, to spend his mothers hard earned cash on a birthday matinee treat, which may well have been Vice Versa starring Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold. We may well be bored to tears with the fluro facet of early rave culture but we all know there's so much more to the late 80's early 90's dance culture than retina wronging pinks and greens. There's a whole lot more to come!



Nokia saw some of my pics and thought the style would go well with a campaign and concept that they had in mind for the launch of their London flagship store. In short, I took some pictures and they are now on posters and in the flagship London store window. I'm pretty chuffed. It's nice to get some recognition for something you do for fun. I guess I'll keep on having me some fun ;-)

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Japanama hat

You know when you get that feeling like you have done something before? You know when you think to yourself "Yeah, I know I blogged this one before. Why would I not have?!" but then, low and behold, you swim through the archive to discover that no, you were wrong, you did not blog the seriously gangsta lookin Japanaman in the Jordans that could hurt you with a stare. I feel ashamed. You guys should have seen this already.

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