ASBO Heritage

I'll avoid getting all deep and sociological about what this means, but it's got to be said that this is reclamation in it's finest hour. Long term staples of 'The Casual' wardrobe; Barbour, Denim and Reebok Classics are stylishly sported here, to full effect, by a slightly less than thuggish Art School Student. "Sweet as a nut"

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Disciple Style

Unlike Channel 4, I am not one to relish in the provocation of a public reaction, so I shall not mock the work of these Christian believers. However, I didn't pause to think twice about sniping them, out 'shopping' for new recruits, when they stepped into my firing line on Oxford Street. How could I resist?! At first sight I could have sworn that my eye had spyed two middle aged American tourists wearing semi matching ski jackets built of camo and primary coloured nylons. That in itself would have made a treatful snipe, but on nearing the targets I spotted the gloriously embossed, sports team 'brand' type font that read 'Jesus Army'. Yep, the photo is poor but check it for yourself! It's a look, is it not?!



"The weatherforecast for London and the surrounding counties this weekend will be rain with some more rain of a more torrential patter for good measure"

How is it that tourists from all around the world know more about our weather patterns than we do? How can it be possible that even the little China man, here in the Capital of the UK on business, knows to pack a brolley in his little black briefcase 'just in case'.
Maybe we are truly a nation of optimists. Look at these two. Nice cotton canvas plimsolls, cotton denim jeans and lightweight cotton fibre jackets. "Who didn't look out of the window before they left home this morning?!!". Just aswell they managed to rake a big'ol high gloss paper bag out of a nearby trashcan and romantically asemble a makeshift His'n'Hers rain shield. The Lord does work in myserious ways.


Yep. Had to be the kneecap. This might seem a tad brutal and all a bit 'criminal underworld', but to be quite frank, I liked his face and although that's gonna tarnish my 'Bad Man' image of no holds barred Sniping and possibly be misconstrued amongst the masses as, dare I say it, somewhat "gay", I assure all that I stand firm and confident with my execution of this particular 'victim'. Besides, having exerted such effort in perfectly matching both corduroy jacket and bowler in Plum, I couldn't possibly bring myself to risk spoiling him. It's all about the Bowler. Tidy indeed.


Bespoke Hoodies

Gracefully modelled by his older brother Lewis, this is a poor pic (my bad!) of just one of the many one-off pieces that super school kid designer Harry Newman makes when he bunks Geography on Wednesday afternoons and Religious Education on Friday mornings, you bad boy! Yeah, if you wanna see more check dis...

I got an order in the pipeline so watch out for da man in the Comic style Beef Burger outline print, pink and sky blue on red...ooochie!

Snoozy Dude on the Tube

These here images portray the trueset essence of what Style Sniping should be. Undercover espionage targetting the unsuspecting. It helped that this dude kept dozing off, and as a result how could I possibly resist but to snap happily away, trying a multitude of angles. Check the Driza-bone style overcoat. The kinda bushman style, adorned by the modern day cattle herding cowboys in OZ. In fact, the look as a whole wisps of cowboy come pirate. Adding the 'future tech' looking headphones and dark tan leather gloves, I find myself drawn helplessly toward referencing the arch enemy and head honcho villian in Bravestar, Tex Hex. Minus the skeletal features!!


Shout to my Wood Green massive, aight!

At first glance, most would say these kids are 'indie'. Some might even take a pop shot at 'Emo', or even 'screamo', but whatever you try and tag this claw handed bunch as, a simple truth remains: it's white kids, into alternative music, into expressing their tastes through style. The funny little twist is, when you take a second to look closely you'll realise that you don't require the assisstance of CSi forensics to identify those unknown, misleading fingerprints. The dirty paws of the 'urban' scene have a lot to answer for here. 'Urban' fingerprints everywhere. The hood up, the New Era, the Phat Farm kicks and my fave of fave's, the super mini back pack.
"mini me!"


Happy Friggin' New Year to you to!

Don't you just love the kids of today? A right bunch of little charmers they aren't, I tell you. This little blighter gave me the old 'Victorio Reverso' if you know what I mean?? How sweet indeed. I returned his gracious gesture with a swiftly executed, "Happy Friggin' New Year to you to little guy!". On my scorecard that's a '1-1' draw.


James 'Bratwurst' Bond

Yeah, back at'cha from Berlin. Sweet and soulful for zero seven, that's what I say, sweet and soulful.

If you havn't been to Berlin, then go, and if you keep your eye's open it's quite likely you'll see some interesting subject matter. For example, take this rather exotically colourful chap. I caught him out of the corner of my eye and immediately span into a daydream like state depicting the subject as an incognito super spy, a la James Bond. I imagined that this guy is hanging in the centre of touristic Berlin, kitted out with high tech equipment, spying on bad boy Russian Mafioso. Strapped to him is the kind of prototype rocket pack that only 'M' and team could design and build, and in that dramatic moment of cover blown danger, James, or in this case Jurgen, would ditch his bratwurst, reach for his Walther PPK, fire off a few rounds before letting rip with the awe inspiring power of rocket fuel, propelling himself up, up and to safety well beyond reach of said villains. At that point I came to and took this picture.