lace your cap up

Believe me, if I had been quicker on the draw there would be photo evidence here to qualify what I am about to reveal. Unfortunately my hands were tied and putting bags down to grab at my camera just didnt happen quick enough. I am ashamed. But I have to put what I saw out there all the same, it needs to be heard. Ok, so the New Era cap is flogging itself to exhaustion, like a race horse in the latter stages of a promising career before heading to the abattoir. It's got to slow down soon. Surely the classic 90's Stater cap is ready for full revival?? Maybe. Well, for those with no other option than the flat peaked fitted number there is little room for differentiation, very little opportunity to stand out from the crowd when every colour combo under the sun has been done to death. But here's a twist for the daring few.... take a shoe lace, type you get in Footlocker, one that coordinates with your New Era cap, naturally, and weave it through the air vent holes in the top of your cap so that both loose ends meet at the point of choice (front back side whatever) and use those artfully crafted shoelace tying skills that you have been rinsing of late and make yourself a nice bow. Bobs your uncle, you got the fresh look, keeping that new era in the game for a little while longer. I saw this with my own eyes in High Barnet, London where a student from Barnet College had this cleverly concocted lace featuring frimly in place. A guaranteed way to grab attention above the uniformed crowd of new era heads. Shoelace your new era cap. It's fresh. Apologies for the absence of a pic but if I ever see this again I will fulfill your visual needs with some evidence. swear down.

Above is an artist impression that I knocked up on photoshop, especially for you!

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