Biz Markie?! Is That You Homeboy?

Yep, back on home turf, I StyleSniped this guy a little while back. I 've seen him since, Burberry wellies and all, no lie! He's been quite the celebrity steet styler of late. Rather popular on Flickr don't you know!! Anyway, he's a proper dude. I haven't seen anyone with such a knack for hurting on peoples eyes for some time. This guy makes mere mortals squint and wince like tortured puppies, and it's all down to a sequined fanny pack, or 'bumbag' if you grew up in the UK. This here is a true example of 'mash-up'. True style-clashing in an unrelenting fashion, that just shouts "Up Yours! You try Pigeon-hole me now, BYATCH!". Nuff said.

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People may call me a sly cat, even a coward, for taking cheap shots when people are down. So what! BLOW ME! This guy was 'down and out' alright. Hard time partying all weekend with two much booze under the cherry blooms??? "Ahhhh, poor widdle Diddums!"... NOT. Too bad sucka, Sniped you were and documented you are. Flying 12 hours around the globe it's only human that one is drawn to the symbols and reminders of our cherished homelands. In this particular case of the ginger-fied asian, the Union Jack DM's (Doctor Marten's). pretty sweet huh? Check the one turn up styling. And, is that ANOTHER beer?? Dude, you really oughta know better!

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Tokyo Bruiser

Woah! look at the size of the tongue! She's really showing it all off!!

This guy just happened to be there. In the middle of the street. On a warm, cherry blossomed spring night in Tokyo. There he was. Just there. Just as you see him here: shorts, vest, retro Adidas, no laces and dyed blonde, goldie golden locks. Then of course there were the muscles. Would you take a look at 'em! Rippling indeed, and doesn't he know it. And doesn't she know it better, tongue all flappy and dribbling. Although this guy was, himself, clearly 'The Champ', he insisted on telling me that his buddy, wearing a full two piece black suit as opposed to the 'muscle man' style, was "the champion". "Champion of Sake drink". With a huge, roaring, almost forced, burst of laughter he pointed a finger at his suited companion, who, at that very moment, proceeded to projectile vomit into the curb in which he lay. Charming.

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