Twin Set

Two prime first hand yet polar opposite examples of the Twinning code of attire. One clearly mutually appreciated. The other case seems to stem from a dictatorial background. Firstly, why do dads do that? Or are mothers to blame? This is just wrong and ridiculously effortsome. I mean, where oh where do they sell the same garments in everysize from toddler to extra sizeable male? I have yet to encounter such a store. Besides, it's cute for about a nano-second, then you're left with this feeling, like, "poor bastard. How long will that carry-on?".

The second example is likely to become increasingly present on streets around the globe as we see teens giving in to the fact that it is ever so hard to distinguish oneself and actually, realising that, looking identical is a much more impactful feat worthy of a double-take count many times greater than that of any BAPE all-over print hoodie. Rather than risk the embarrassment of turning up to group night out where two of your buds happen to have gotten the same American Apparel hoodie for xmas and appear to be wearing it with pride, why not go the whole hog and orchestrate the impact. I like that "Orchestrate the impact". Anyway, there you have it; Twinning.

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