"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...

This year, you get this nice little pic. I've been saving it, but seen as it reminds me of myself on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, sitting at the dinner table, getting my grub on, I thought it might also ring bells for some of you. Hope you've had a sweet festive period, whatever your belief or non-beliefs, and in true Cracker Poppin' style, here's a joke:

Why did the man get the sack from the Orange juice factory?
Because he couldn't concentrate!

Back in the New Year with lot's of pics from my trip to Berlin.

Cute Couple

Stylin' it hard with the New Era headwear. Cute! Big thanks to the babymother for letting the tiddler out of the pram, took what was a potentially decent picture to the next level.
"C'mon England"!!

Self Professed 'Biker Style' in Manor House

Yep, this guy was receptive to questioning and when it came down to the crunch he let me in on the secret to his style "I'm dressing like a biker, without actually being a biker, you get me?"
"that's why I'm wearing this kinda jacket, with the collars and stuff, and the gloves is the same thing, it's how the bikers roll innit!". But the best came when asked if there is a garment/product that he specifically would like to get his hands on that isn't out there at the moment, "Yeah, I want a white fur hooded coat, like, one with a zip you know". "People would know not to f&$k with me... because if a guy can afford one of those then you know he must be into some bad shit innit?" Funnily enough, when asked why he favoured black as a colour to adorn he replied "because mans my age like to blend in, low key, you get me? not attract too much attention. Wearing bright colours you are more likely to get trouble innit?"
Begs the question, why would you want a white fur coat then???

Platform Posse

Southbound Northern Line is where I found these guys lurking. Technically I've let them down. They gave a spontaneous, nicely conducted group pose, and all I did was capture it poorly. Probably my worst photo to date, but at the same time one of my faves in terms of where it happened, how it happened and the collective response received. Here's a special shout to the dude in the red hood who multi tasked the whole time, penning and reciting fresh 'bars' never to pause a moment whilst coordinating with his pals to get in on the action. Nicely done.


Skinny Jeans Fat Tongues

What was it my good friend and super chum George Michael once said?
"If you're gonna do it, do it right, right..."
Too right, right you were George, and here she is, Fat Tongues and Skinny Jeans done right.
Big love for the colourful coordination and you gotta love those kicks, the trefoil and three striped combo logo... tasty, and accessorising with the fancy parasol, chic.

UK Standard II : For The Boys

The tracksuit reigns supreme. JD Sport and Footlocker are no longer just trainer stores, they are THE high street fashion meccas for all things 'Hooded' n 'Tracky'. Here we see a fine example of UK youth street styling: standard issue white Reebok Classics teamed with unmatched sweat bottoms and hooded top, and no, he definately ain't on the way to the gym, the only place he's headed is down to the park bench for a cheeky fag with his 'Hooded' peers.
"Gis'a snaaht mate..." ("may I kindly acquire one of your tobacco cigarettes?")


Premature Forecast

Whilst sitting at home, alone, pondering the many xmas presents I have yet to wrap for extended family members and friends, I began twiddling the knobs on my old-school manual tuning radio set. In an explorational effort to locate an obscure, distant signal, broadcasting rare arabic jazz sounds I came across a very weak lone voice. No backing track, not a sound other than a lone male voice. At first I was spooked. The voice repeated thrice "are you there, I know you can hear me". so I listened on. "It is important that you know, this one simple thing" said the voice, over a subtley crackling transmission "you must use all the powers and channels available to you to spread this one important message" the voice went on, "the hot colour for Spring/Summer'09 is Yellow!" and with that a loud fizzle crackin pop broke the signal and left me with just an echo of that message 'Yellow is gonna be HOT'. I reckon this guy heard the same message. Here's to the future...CHEERS!

All about the shoes...

...tassled shoes! yeah, it's gotta be time for some tassles. Some nice streamlined crafted footwear, with some tassles. Anyone doing these at the moment? I imagine these to be a Miu Miu model from the late 90's, not quite sure why, just a hunch. Not sure if such a shoe would be produced by a 'traditional' shoe maker, I mean, it's a brogue loafer with flap'n'tassle detail! bring this to me in a sporty more vibrant finish, maybe a Sperry style white boat shoe sole unit, a more shallow toe box, softer, heavier grained leather. NICE.

UK Standard

This is it. The defining picture of the UK standard street issue get up. Without a doubt, one of the most conformed to looks of the 'noughties' that shows no sign of letting up as it bleeds into high fashion and makes moves on a wider spectrum of youth styles (sweat bottoms quite a staple in the indie skate scene. Whilst talking styles with three emo boys in Bristol they explicitly enlightened me to the fact that 'Local Chavs' wear tracksuit bottoms, but NOT like the tracksuit bottoms Skaters are wearing!)

Ooooo! That must'a hurt!

Yeah, I sniped this guy SO hard, I took his head clean off... AWESOME!
Watch out folks, 'cos next time, like the Euromillions... it could be YOU!

New England Patriot

You don't get more raw than this! Look at the expression...pure hatred! Not doing a whole lot for the image of Fred Perry. Oh well, back to their skinhead heritage. All this guy needs is a pair of red braces (if you're reading this fella, I'd put a safe bet on Topman..."red braces, two forra tenna!")



...come out to play'ay!"
Yeah, you could be forgiven for thinking this guy runs in some candy totting fancy pants gang from 1970's Spanish Harlem called The Bonbon Barrio Boys. If I hadn't taken the pic and hadn't noticed the London Underground timetable in the background, then I might have thought the same. I mean, look at this guy. He's for sure about to break out a candy cane and break someones good looks. Nasty Mutha!


Retro on the Metro

This is a super retro look. Some have a style suggestive of some retro influence, but this guy could have been there, back in the day, part of the Hendrix entourage, you dig?! The thing that jumped up and bit me was the tight jeans tucked into the long-ish socks, loving it. Creates a sweet contrast between the boxy upper and a slightly dainty, slender lower body, leg/foot region. Regal men in tights spring to mind.



...a keyword in my vocabulary of terms to describe the style of these two young ladies. There's just no stopping them. Awesome! Oh, and thanks for the two fingers ;-)

'THE' mobile phone conversation stance

No, he wasn't stroking his own face affectionately for the benefit of the camera! But he was standing in the middle of the street as you see him here, foot on briefcase and all!

Rock on Rude boy

Rude boy in a Rockers biker jacket? Camden Town, where else? Nuff said.


"... no short short man"

You know that nightmare that people have, where you are worried about being late and you rush out of the house to get to school or work, you get there and you are about to relax in to routine day ahead and you suddenly realise, much to your ultimate embarrassment that you forgot to put your trousers on?
Poor guy.

Finsbury Parkers #2

Bermuda Shorts in October?... In London?... at 10am? That's true faith in a look for you.
I can further report that this chap has quite an admirable selection of said shorts, having spotted him out and about in the locale since first 'sniping' him that glorious Sunday morning. Dude, if you are reading this, keep it up man, you are like a walking rainbow on Stroud Green Road, brightening up everyone's days, even if it is just for a brief moment as they cast their eyes upon you in amazement and say to themselves "weirdo!" You are far from weird. Without your likes around, 'sniping' just wouldn't be the same. Nice.

New Zealambswool

Who said New Zealand was full of sheep shaggers? I certainly didn't! Well, not since I 'sniped' this dude. The designer tracksuit 'trousers' and pink wool v-neck combo did it for me, but the sky blue frames killed it. Sweet colour palette. He's got the makings of an extra from Thunderbirds, or Joe 90, except Thunderbirds and Joe 90 don't do extras.