"They must be on Coke!"

This was a bonafide WTF moment. Allow me to set the scene. Sunday afternoon, about 30 degrees, sun blazing. I'm chilling in the shade. The venue is a small local Bratislavan cafe serving the best in Slovak cuisine and ice cold pints of beer at €1.50. Perfect. I'm in heaven. Then I spot three chicks in afro wigs. I think "What the F@*k?". As I said, it was about 30 degrees, why would you do that to yourself. I dismiss thinking it must be a Hen-do (You know, pre-wedding blow-out for the bride-to-be and her female entourage). I turn for a sip of the chilled brew that Mr. Waiter has just delivered, then I take a second look. "WHAT THE F*@K!!". These girls are wearing Coca-Cola branded tracksuit tops with graphic references to football (World Cup 2010) and are handing out mini cans of chilled Coke to the perspiring towns people. OK, smart and rather strategically placed distribution, but what's with the friggin' afro-wigs?! Is there some local cultural reference being made here or am I right to be shocked by what I assume is a bad taste, inappropriate choice in cultural reference to South Africa and the aesthetic make up of a portion of it's people? Really? At this day in age?! Anyone have a direct line to Coke? Might have to blow the whistle on this sh*t.

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A Man in Pink and Purple

Now, what are the odds on such a snap? Firstly, the sighting of such a splendidly colourful character such as this? It's pretty rare. Secondly, to be standing in one of Austria's most celebrated galleries starring at a painting of pinks and purples when such a conveniently coordinated character walks in? C'mon! This is a one off if ever there where one. Keep lighting up people's lives Sir. You sure did mine for those few moments.

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