Afroad Sign

“OK, so here’s how we’re gonna do it. I’m gonna stand on the other side of this road sign so that you can capture how proper coordinated I am”. Yeah, splendid job chappie, no longer satisfied with the meagre portions of traditional colour coordination in style, you’ve taken it to the next level tying in the tones of your surroundings so that everywhere you go it’s like a carefully styled street shoot. Nicely done.

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Half Mast

Mr Martin, if you’re out there mate, remember how we used to go on little shopping trips together and end up buying the same shirt but different in colour, then head down the pub on a Saturday night, thinking we looked fresh? Well Dude, this is us. Take a long hard look and let us here by stand corrected: in the eyes of very few, it may have been, at best, ‘cute’, but it was definitely not ‘fresh’.

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ZZ Postie

Let me tell you a bit about where I live. No, it ain’t Hollywood, but there are plenty of stars. Just like this guy. He used to play lead guitar with ZZ Top before he turned to the more socially focused output of mail distribution. Now he does a steaming job at putting all these half-wit agency posties to shame. You really don’t get many of these to the pound.

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