"Little ghetto boy.... wha'chu gonna do when you grow uuuup?"

These guys came through strong with some serious attitude. When asked what influenced their style, they simply replied "our big bruvvas". When asked what brands they like, they reeled off a who's who of the multi-billion pound global hip-hop/urban streetwear market... akademiks, phat farm, ecko, sean jean, avirex, blah blah bloody blah... I mean, what chance have parents got if their 10 year olds are scheming on the big brand gear already. Good luck keeping them happy without crippling your credit rating. I wouldn't wanna be you.

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Bureau De Change

Ahhh, don't you just love it?! That's the great thing about travelling overseas when the UK Pound Sterling is so strong, you get so much more for your moolah. Here's a tasty "2 for the price of 1" SniperFeast in surburban Paris. Bargain, wouldn't you say? And, funnily enough, it would seem to coincide with the fact that many are talking 'extremes' at the moment. Nobody is interested in 'middle of the road'. 'Average' is such a dirty word, and 'regular' frowned upon as being equally vulgar in the context of garment fit and sizing. Let's face facts, if it ain't super skinny, they ain't interested.... unless of course you are talking 'baggy' on an MC Hammer "U can't touch this" level of baggy, in which case, errr Yeah! Bring it on!
How much further away from the testicular constriction of Russel Brand's 'Lady' denims could you possibly get? The guy on the left disguises the fact his jeans keep dropping to his knees by wearing the biggest singular piece of garment cotton known to man, in the form of a pink t-shirt/tent. Oh, and check out that balancing baseball cap angle. Pythagoras would be proud!

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"People, people, please, gather round. Do open your ears, and absorb in these sounds..."

There won't be many of these, but I thought a little 'newsflash' type mention would be appropriate right now, as there have been, and will continue to be, some developments and subtle changes within stylesniper over the next month or two. Keep an eye on the changing face of the crosshair ( + ), better quality photos also coming soon ("I got some money, I'm gonna spend it!") plus stylesniper guesting elsewhere - SOON! All this plus a trip to Tokyo on the horizon suggests that the next couple of months could be very interesting indeedy. Gnarly.

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Keep It 'Real Boy'

No, this is not a manikin modelling the latest gear in the Maharishi showroom. You could be forgiven for thinking so, but in fact this is a real boy. A real boy fully togged in the latest Maharishi gear. Hold on!! Wasn’t Pinocchio a real boy? Hmmm. He was for a little while, before turning back into a living piece of wood. Well, assured you can be, that this guy was a genuine ‘real boy’ and far from turning into wood. In fact, rather informative he was in shedding the low-down on Maharishi’s current range, adding insights to the mix with his subtle client profiling speak. Seen here, sporting his very own self-tapered custom take on Marharishi jeans, styled with the addition of neatly executed ‘pin roll’ turn-ups, this young man sets a trail blazing path for the hotly tipped ‘no socks’ look. Yep, rub those eyes, you’ll see, you read it right the first time, ‘no socks’. It’s been a long time coming, but in a fashion age where cos-play’s rules are anything goes, ‘sockless’ is merely a blip on the radar.

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The Dreaded Casual

Breaking all preconceived ideas as to ‘what is what'...
This might not appear to be an outlandishly styled look, but what grabbed my attention was the striking combination of ‘man’ and ‘look’. I love it. It’s defiant of all expectations.

If I said to you “dark denims with 1.5 inch turn ups teamed with Tan Trickers and a Harrington” what would you think? What would the wearer look like?
If I said to you “6ft Black male, athletic build with a full bodied head of dread like braids” what then would you think?

Take the man outta the clothes and the clothes off the man and think about where you’d expect to see each of the individual elements sit most comfortably in this cold world of face value judgement and assumptive conclusions. I'd happily place a bet that you wouldn't team these two.

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The Smallest Head In The World

Proportionately speaking of course!
This guys head was so tinchy. His taste in T-shirts of such a serious magnitude and denims to match didn't help matters either. It only made the issue that little more pronounced. Poor fella. Then again, if he'd squeezed his lengthy limbs into a pair of Cheap Mondays, teamed it with a baby-grow style, tummy skimming 'T'...ooooh well, we'd probably be referencing the "HI, we're from outta space, thanks for letting us stop by and borrow your kind" scene from Steven Spielbergs Close Encounters of a Third Kind. Once again, poor fella. But hey, he's a happy smiling chappy and the world could do with more his 'kind'. Maybe a little shorter. Maybe in smaller t-shirts??! What the hell, straight up replicas will do.

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